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There are millions of people in America struggling with alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse can have such a wide variation of definitions that it sometimes becomes wholly subjective. The different factors involved can include both amount and frequency of alcohol consumption, but also the circumstances surrounding alcohol and behavioral ramifications.

There are many possible indicators of alcohol abuse, which are often poor decisions made and their associated consequences. Alcohol abuse could include someone getting really drunk on a single occasion, or possibly heavy drinking on a routine basis. Prolonged periods of alcohol abuse can lead to someone becoming an alcoholic.

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Alcohol Abuse and Heavy Drinking

In 2011, heavy drinking was reported by 6.2 percent of the population aged 12 or older, or 15.9 million people. Heavy drinking is defined as binge drinking on at least 5 days in the past 30 days. Among young adults aged 18 to 25 in 2011, the rate of binge drinking was 39.8 percent. The rate of heavy drinking was 12.1 percent.

Past month alcohol use declined from 28.8 to 25.1 percent from 2002 to 2011, while binge drinking declined from 19.3 to 15.8 percent, and heavy drinking declined from 6.2 to 4.4 percent during those same time periods.

More than 14 million Americans aged 12 or older are classified as being alcohol abusers or alcohol dependent.

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